"Providing pet owners with a balanced, whole
health approach for their animal companions."

Why We Are Different

At Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center we take a holistic approach for our patients. By combining common-sense nutrition with alternative therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, homotoxicology, herbal medicine, cold laser therapy, and dietary supplementation, we reduce your pet's requirements for potentially harmful medications.

We are honored to be the only holistic pet hospital offering functional medicine in North Texas. We are honored to get many referrals from area pet owners and other doctors and veterinary specialists for their difficult, hard-to-treat cases.

We work with you as a team and look at all options (both conventional and alternative) so that your pet body can get stronger and stronger. Our ultimate goal is "true healing" rather than simply "feeling better."

Sometimes we need to be realistic and see that the animal's body may not be able to heal itself. We can still try to make the pet's life as positive and comfortable as possible.

Simple, easy, natural, healthy. And yes, we even offer a unique holistic anesthetic protocol. Be sure and ask us about this special feature!


Holistic, Natural Care

Our goals at Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center are the same as those stated in the mission statement of all naturopathic doctors:

First, Do No Harm

Second, Treat the Patient as an Individual

Third, Prevention is the Best Medicine

Fourth, Seek the Root Cause of the Disease

Fifth, The Doctor Functions as a Teacher

Sixth, Use the Healing Power of Nature

Seventh, Have a pleasant, positive and comfortable place for animals and their caretakers to explore all aspects of good health and preventative medicine.

Eighth, Encourage both client and pet to seek out alternative and integrative ways to prevent disease (a "whole family" approach to health.)

Ninth, Make this type of medicine the vision of all medicine.

Tenth, Present as many possibilities to a pet caretaker to help bring their pet's body into balance so it can actually try to heal.


At Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center, we have some additional goals to help your pet heal naturally:

First - When Possible, Say No To Drugs

Second - Prevent the Disease Whenever Possible

Third - Heal the Patient, Rather Than Treat the Disease

Fourth - Offer Hope for Those Cases Which Seem Hopeless

Fifth - Reduce the Cost of Health Care Whenever Possible


Personalized Pet Care - You're In Good Hands

Our highly trained staff are all caring animal lovers. Their goal is to make your pet's experience a pleasant one by providing quality care in a friendly manner. In keeping with our goal of serving as a spokesman for your pet, you can feel confident following our staff's health care recommendations.

We offer personalized pet care for each and every patient. Each year, by answering specific questions about your pet, YOU tell us if your pet has any problems. Then, we individualize treatment for him. Each pet receives an annual blood profile. This blood profile tells us what is normal for YOUR pet. We rely on this information if your pet ever gets sick (it's much more accurate than looking up a generic set of "normal" values in a textbook). By detecting disease early, your pet's blood profile helps us treat him BEFORE he suffers from illness.

Unique, highly personal, quality preventive health care. That's what pet care at Paws & Claws Animal Hospital is all about! All your pets will be treated like they are one of our family!


All Of Your Pets Are Special

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality care at the most affordable price. Whether you own a dog, cat, snake, turtle, rabbit, ferret, bird, guinea pig, or just about any pet, your special friend will receive quality care at Paws & Claws Animal Hospital. No matter what size, or shape, your pet is a member of our family too!


Minimal Pain, Maximum Comfort
Yes, shots can hurt! You don't want your pet to hurt any more than absolutely necessary. That's why we use smaller needles for all of your pet's injections. Your pet shouldn't hurt just because he comes to the doctor!

"Above All, Do No Harm"
The physician's motto is our motto too. Your pet's health is important, and naturally you want the best for him. We don't put your pet's health or life at risk just to save you a few dollars. We use only fresh, new, sterile syringes and needles. When performing major surgery, your pet has fewer complications and infections because we always wear a cap, mask, and sterile gloves.


No More Anesthetic Worries With Our Holistic Approach to Anesthesia

Surgery can be scary, and we know that you may be a bit nervous about anesthesia. That's why your pet will receive a comprehensive physical examination prior to every surgery. Blood and urine tests will also be done when needed to minimize the risk associated with anesthesia. And to keep your pet's chances of anesthetic complications to a minimum, we only use isoflurane gas. It's a bit more expensive, but it's the safest anesthetic available.

Your pet is also monitored by a veterinary assistant and 3 monitoring machines which monitor: respiratory rate, heart rate, pulse oximetry and body temperature.

No surgery is routine at Paws & Claws Animal Hospital. You want the best for your pet, and so do we! And for those owners who are a bit nervous about anesthesia, or who wish to minimize anesthetic complications in their pets, we offer holistic anesthesia to allow for a safer procedure and quicker recovery time.


Immunization - Health Care Is More Than Just "Shots"

Your pet is special, and you want him to be around a long time. While others may consider vaccinations as "annual preventive care", we know that "shots" are just the beginning, and ARE NOT needed in most pets each year. Blood titers are a safe, holistic approach to determining if and when your pet might require immunizations.


Affordable Care

We respect that each pet owner has a health care budget. We'll always recommend the best care FIRST, because that's what you want. We work within your budget to design a treatment program for your pet. And to make payment more affordable, we accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Card.

Many of our clients are referred by satisfied pet owners. We LOVE referrals and look forward to making your friends members of our family too!

By following the "8 Weeks to a Healthy Pet" program, most owners can save money on the cost of veterinary care for their pets. To further increase savings on preventive health care, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND AFFORDABLE PRIVATE PET HEALTH INSURANCE. We invite you to ask us about this exciting opportunity to lower the cost of health care for your pet. Finally, Care Credit can help with payments by scheduling interest-free payments for you.


Additional Services

We take pride in offering special services for our clients. Here are just of few of the services and products that you may request for your pet:

Tumor Aspiration Biopsy

No lump or bump should go undiagnosed. We perform painless needle biopsies before tumors enlarge and cancers spread, allowing early cancer diagnosis and CURE in most cases!

Nutritional Counseling

Many pets are eating a poor-quality diet. We assess your pet's nutritional needs and work with you to develop a nutrition plan to keep your pet healthy. As Hippocrates said, "Let food be your medicine."


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