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health approach for their animal companions."

Our Services

At Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center we look at the Whole Patient using our Holistic Integrative approach and work with you to put together the best plan of action.

What We Offer

We may choose one modality or several that work together. In some cases we may need to add conventional medical care, although our goal is to always keep the use of conventional therapies to a minimum to avoid toxicity and side effects. Holistic care is all about doing what's best for the patient, and every pet is a unique individual. Having options for health care is the new gold standard of care and we want your ideas as well. You are the caretaker.  You know your pet and with a number of possibilities to help your pet regain its health, we can work as a team.

These are some of the modalities we offer. With more knowledge being gained every day we are open to other ways which you feel may help your pet be healthy.


TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is based on a pre-scientific paradigm of medicine that developed over several thousand years and involves concepts that have no counterpart within contemporary medicine. In TCM, the body is treated as a whole that is composed of several "systems of function."

Traditional Chinese theory explains acupuncture as a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force — known as qi or chi (chee) — believed to flow through pathways (meridians) in the body. By stimulating specific points along these meridians, acupuncture practitioners believe that your energy flow will re-balance.

Aquapuncture has become a common form of acupuncture. We inject a small amount of vitamins or homeopathic remedies in the acupuncture points instead of placing acupuncture needles. The benefit is that the acupuncture points are stimulated with the substances and may produce a prolonged effect, and the treatment time is usually less than with traditional needle acupuncture. Electroacupuncture has the same benefits.

Autosanguis Therapy

Autosanguis Therapy is a very holistic therapy using small amounts of your pet's own blood to assist in healing. Blood therapies have been in existence since ancient times. The use of one's own blood therapeutically has basis back in antiquity, as it was once thought that blood was the carrier of the soul, the source of all life and energy (called "Qi" in Oriental Medicine.)

Autosanguis therapy utilizes tiny amounts of your pet's blood mixed with specific herbal remedies chosen based upon your pet's medical condition. This mixture of blood and herbal medicines is then given back to your pet, both via injection (at the hospital) and orally (at home) to continue to support detoxification and healing. For pets with chronic diseases such as cancer, autosanguis herbal therapy is repeated every 2-6 months to support ongoing detoxification and support of the immune system.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy uses specific frequencies of light to encourage cellular healing. We have found it very beneficial for pets with a variety of medical problems, including diseases of the immune system, epilepsy, organ dysfunction, and especially musculoskeletal injuries.

Early Screening for Cancer and Other Inflammatory Diseases

Dr. Shawn personally consults with the ONLY clinical laboratory in the world which allows for early diagnosis of cancer via blood testing. He is thrilled to be able to offer inexpensive blood testing to allow accurate assessment of blood levels of Vitamin D3, C-reactive protein, and Thymidine Kinase to allow early diagnosis of cancer and other inflammatory diseases. Dr. Shawn so strongly believes in this testing that the blood profile is discounted when you do it at the same time as any other service! Based upon his research and testing, approximately 96% of pets are deficient in Vitamin D3 (predisposing them to cancer,) 48% are high in C-reactive protein (indicating cancer and/or inflammation,) and 12% are high in Thymidine kinase (indicating the possibility of undiagnosed cancer.)

Endocrine/Immune Testing and Treatment

Testing and treating for endocrine and immune dysfunction may be helpful for pets with chronic problems that fail to respond in a timely manner to other therapies. Simple blood testing can reveal a lot of information and guide treatment for these challenging cases.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of symptoms for serious chronic disease. It is a science-based field of health care that is grounded in the following principles:

  • Biochemical individuality describes the importance of individual variations in metabolic function that derive from genetic and environmental differences among individuals.
  • Patient-centered medicine emphasizes "patient care" rather than "disease care," following Sir William Osler's admonition that "It is more important to know what patient has the disease than to know what disease the patient has."
  • Dynamic balance of internal and external factors.
  • Web-like interconnections of physiological factors - an abundance of research now supports the view that the (human) body functions as an orchestrated network of interconnected systems, rather than individual systems functioning autonomously and without effect on each other. For example, we now know that immunological dysfunctions can promote cardiovascular disease, that dietary imbalances can cause hormonal disturbances, and that environmental exposures can precipitate neurologic syndromes such as Parkinson's disease. We use these same principles to help our pets.
  • Health as a positive vitality – not merely the absence of disease.
  • Promotion of organ reserve as the means to enhance your pet's health.

Functional Nutrition

Good quality food is an important source to improve health. Certain foods really can improve the level of nutrition. The more organic, fresh, and "alive" the foods, the more vital the health improvement. Certain foods can almost work like a medicine.

Glandular Therapy

We try to support the organ system that is weak by feeding the body the a glandular extract of the organ that is deficient. For example, an animal with liver failure may benefit from administration of a liver glandular supplement.

Holistic Anesthesia/Conventional Surgery and Dentistry

We do surgical procedures at Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center, such as spays, neuters, laceration repairs, growth removals, wound repairs, some eye procedures, dental cleanings and polishing, and dental extractions. All of our surgical procedures receive natural therapies and conventional medications before, during, and after the surgery to assist in healing and reduce pain and inflammation.

Holistic anesthesia implies tailoring our anesthetic protocols to your pet's needs rather than using a standard, cookie-cutter approach. It also means careful screening of your pet prior to anesthesia with a thorough physical examination, blood and urine testing, and an EKG to evaluate your pet's heart. Holistic anesthesia also means giving your pet the LEAST amount of anesthesia needed to perform the procedure, so that your pet wakes up immediately following the procedure with no "hangover" effect. In fact, even advanced surgical cases can usually be discharged shortly following the procedure. Finally, holistic anesthesia also means your pet is carefully and constantly monitored by a living human being (veterinary assistant) and a machine that monitors your pet's oxygen saturation (pulse oximetry) and pulse rate. All of this is designed to minimize anesthetic problems and maximize the safety of the procedure.

Holistic Treatment for Pain

Preventing and treating pain is extremely important to us, and that's why we make pain control a major priority. Using a holistic approach, combining effective doses of safe conventional medications with natural therapies for pain including proprietary herbal combinations, homeopathics, acupuncture, and cold laser therapy will help your pet feel better in no time!


Homeopathy is a medical science developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. It is based on the principle that "like cures like," and uses extremely dilute substances to assist the body in healing. In simple words, it means that any substance which can produce symptoms in a healthy pet, may be able to control or cure similar symptoms in a pet who is sick when that substance is administered in a diluted form. This idea is referred to as the "Law of Similars," and was understood by Aristotle and Hippocrates and mentioned in ancient Hindu manuscripts. It was Dr. Hahnemann, however, who turned it into a science of healing.

Here is just one example of this principle:
Poison ivy causes redness, intense itching, burning, blistering and sometimes stiff muscles. Homeopathically it can relieve these same symptoms.


Homotoxicology is a discipline developed by Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg which combines the benefits of Western medicine with homeopathy. As is true with homeopathy, diluted substances are given to the patient to assist with healing. Unlike traditional homeopathy, homotoxicology uses patented combinations of homeopathic and sometimes herbal substances to encourage healing and resolution of clinical signs.

Hospice Care/Final Care and Humane Euthanasia

Death is a part of life and at Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center we want to give pet parents options in the final days and hours of their beloved pets. They are members of our family and the respect for their lives is so important. Sometimes because of the severity of the medical condition palliative therapy is used. Hospice may be part of the final days as well. Humane euthanasia is also always a gentle option.

Integrative Cancer Therapy

We are proud of our success in treating cancer patients using natural therapies in an integrative setting. While every patient and cancer is different, and results can never be guaranteed, in general we expect our cancer patients who follow the regimen we prescribe to help boost their immune systems to live 1½ to 2 times longer than those patients not treated using this approach.

As we like to say, if you're not doing anything to boost the immune system following conventional cancer therapies, why are you surprised that the cancer returns quickly? You must support the pet during and following conventional cancer treatment in order to change the environment in which cancer developed to help your pet live as long as possible.

Laboratory Diagnostics

Our goal is to keep your older friend aging gracefully, and most of our patients die of "old age" rather than a specific disease.

We have access to several high quality laboratories for all blood testing including vaccine titers. All pets benefit from regular laboratory testing. In our practice, this is done annually in pets under 5 years of age and twice each year in pets 5 years of age and older. This frequency of testing helps ensure we can diagnose serious diseases BEFORE your pet becomes ill, thus enabling us to intervene early in the course of the disease when it's easiest to help your pet.

Mercury-Free Vaccines

In order to reduce toxicity to your pet, we offer mercury-free vaccines and always use the smallest dose of vaccine to fit your pet's needs.

Natural Detoxification

"Detoxing" is commonly done in pets and people to help restore patients to a less toxic internal environment. We employ mild detoxification using herbs and homeopathics for chronically ill patients, patients suffering from over-vaccination and treatment with chemicals and drugs, and pets with serious illnesses such as cancer. Autosanguis detoxification can be used as well for patients with more serious issues such as cancer and any chronic diseases such as chronic skin, balder, or GI issues.

Natural Remedies for Anxieties

Most pets suffer from mild to moderate anxieties, compulsions, and phobias at various times. While conventional medications may be needed for pets with severe issues, most pets can easily be treated with natural therapies incorporated into treats for easy treatment.

Raw Diet Support

We have many clients that feed raw meat and vegetable diets and we encourage a balanced diet. We also encourage high quality and organic fresh foods as a part of the pet's nutritional program. We can help you balance the diets and give you the confidence to use these foods safely. We always educate our clients about the safety of handling raw meats and making sure the quality has high standards.

Stem Cell Therapy

Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center is the only hospital in Texas offering autologous blood stem cell therapy. Using blood taken from your pet, the stem cells in the blood are purified and then given back to your pet via an injection done in the hospital. This is a truly holistic treatment as we are only using your pet's own stem cells without using any medications. The stem cells go to the site of injury or tissue trauma to assist in healing. Stem cell therapy is popular and useful for pets with any chronic disease, but especially including arthritis and cancer.

Veterinary Botanical Medicine (Herbs)

Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center uses both western herbs and traditional Chinese herbs; some of our formulas are created by Dr. Shawn and only available at our practice! These high quality herbal remedies are an important part of our therapy for your pet.


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