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Recommended by Dr. Jean Dodds, international holistic veterinary
expert and authority on alternatives to traditional vaccines.

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Reviews from some of our sastified clients:

"We recently had to bring our 15 year old Italian Greyhound Tucker to Dr. Shawn. It was our first visit since we have moved to Plano from the West Coast. We actually didn't initially come to Paws and Claws because of some negative reviews on one website, but after giving it a lot of thought, we did and it was the best decision we have made for him.

After adopting Tucker 8 years ago, we discovered he has severe allergies for just about everything. You name it, he's allergic to it. Our last holistic vet tried to treat his allergies, but those natural treatments did not work. A steady low dosage of a steroid medication did, which he as been on since. Last year he almost died from Pancreatitis, and we think the steroid had a lot to do with that. We wanted to give him a more natural solution, and weaned off the steroid.

Tucker was suffering greatly from nasal allergies. We brought him in. Had a wonderful consultation with Dr. Shawn, blood was drawn along with urine and nasal samples and we walked out with some natural remedies.

Unlike the last time, we started noticing Tucker improving within the first week or so! We brought him back in for some treatments based on his lab reports, and added more supplements to combat his various issues, including strep.

Low and behold his allergies have all but vanished. He is way more bright eyed and energetic for his age, and every factor is a plus. He loves his supplements, even the ones we don't include mixed in his raw diet. We did not see these results with our last holistic vet. I am amazed and thrilled that the supplements are working wonderfully. Is it cheap, no, but then it's a lot cheaper than all of the prior visits we made with his vets who never solved his problem but only continued to prescribe drugs that didn't work. Is it worth it, YES. Dr. Shawn is worth every penny...Our little Tucker can now breathe normally for the first time in many years!

We are so thrilled with the treatments, service, attention to our budget, and more. We highly recommend Dr. Shawn and the wonderful team at Paws & Claws.....and so does Tucker, but he can't type so you'll have to take our word for it. Two paws up."

- Doug C.

"I highly recommend Dr Messonnier for any pet care but specifically if your pet has cancer. Dr Messonnier has protocols you won't find anywhere else and has done extensive research in the area of canine cancer. He certainly helped my lab Sugar live a longer life after a osteosarcoma diagnosis. I was so grateful I found Dr Messonnier in Plano and he also worked with my Veterinarian Radiation oncologist to coordinate a treatment plan."

- Tracy B.

"I have been very pleased with the care Dr. Messonnier has given Callie, my Jack Russell terrier. Callie and I live in Houston, so for a number of years her care was in the hands of a local veterinarian, with an office near our home. Callie was prone to skin allergies and would worsen the condition with constant licking. To sum up a drawn-out period of time, I became concerned she was being given too many antibiotics. Her tummy was also frequently upset. More medicine.

I went in search of alternative treatment and discovered Dr. Messonnier. At first, I took Callie to Plano only periodically, but when she got two non-life threatening malignancies I decided that Dr. Messonnier should take over her care entirely and it's been a good decision. He works with me on affordable treatment. We discuss options and their cost and then I decide what I am most comfortable with. I typically have a list of things to ask him and often, toward the end of our conversation, he'll pick up my list off the examination table and review it himself, to make sure he covered all my questions and concerns.

Callie is 13 years old now, and taking several supplements, all within my financial comfort zone. And no unnecessary vaccines! She wakes me up every morning about 5 a.m. wanting breakfast, her eyes bright, alert and eager. In the evening, she races down the hall for her supper and continues licking the bowl long after the last crumb is gone. Then we head out to the backyard to chase squirrels that meander along the top of our fence. My point? Life is good for this active, 13-year-old pup!

I was recently waiting in the reception area of Dr. Messonnier's clinic while Callie was having her teeth cleaned and several small benign growths removed. A gentleman came in with a Great Dane, the dog heartbreakingly thin. I heard the man say, "Wait till Shawn sees this one." He obviously wasn't a first-time visitor, and had apparently brought in other rescued animals. It was painful to see an animal that had been so neglected and abused but it was comforting to see him being gently led into an examination room. I thought to myself, the dog doesn't know it yet, but he's about to start trotting down a much smoother road. He would be in very capable hands with Shawn. Hopefully a happy new beginning!

This is why I come to Paws & Claws. I feel I am giving Callie the best care possible. And as she ages and we deal with changes and issues, I do think that Dr. Messonnier, with his experience, skill, and compassion, will be a big part of making the road ahead smoother for us too."

- Vicki and Callie — Houston, TX

Client Reviews 1"One of my dogs had an allergy problem that began when we moved to Texas. Every time I visited a local vet office l was only given antibiotics and other medicines. They worked for a short while but the allergies always come back. I found Dr. Messonner when I was looking for a holistic doctor. He had a different approach treating pets than what I was used to in the past. I decided to change the way I was treating my dogs and stop giving them antibiotics and other unknown pills and the side effects that went along with them. This was the very first time I had used several natural supplements to treat my dog. After few months, my dog's health had improved and more importantly the allergies stopped. She had been a skinny girl that never reached her proper weight. With the holistic approach she improved without the all the vaccinations and poison flea medicines, but instead with supporting supplements. Our dog's weight became more normal and she was active and healthy. I think her immune system much improved under the holistic treatment. Meanwhile the supplements she needed became less and less until finally nothing but fish oil for daily health.

I like that Dr. Messonnier basically used a holistic approach but uses conventional medicine only when needed. Also he had a lot of knowledge and could answer the questions I had about supplements or food for our pets. When our dogs needed treatment like teeth cleaning both the doctor and office staff told us what to budget from the lowest to highest costs, and never pressured us into anything. Then I could decide which option to go with. I actually love his shampoo, which works really well and would recommend to anyone!"

- Katie D.

"I took my sister's husky in to see Dr. Shawn after she had gotten herself hurt in a fight with another dog. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful to get us in asap for emergency treatment. We had a low budget but the doctor worked with us to find an estimate that was within what we could afford, and he even did a few procedures at no charge to us! He was very personable and my sister's dog is feeling great! Her wounds are almost completely healed, and the staff calls to see how she is doing. Definitely will be taking her to Dr. Shawn in the future."

- Samantha C.

"Dr. Messonnier has been our family vet for over 10 years. We would not think of going anywhere else for the care of our precious dog. The staff has been wonderful. Dr. Messonier has personally called us to check on the recovery of our Golden Retriever after surgery."

- Jana P.

"My Golden Retriever is a healthy 16 years old and I credit Dr Messonnier and his natural therapies for her stellar condition. We have used this vet since my dog was really young and have followed his advice for her diet and supplements. I have great pet insurance through this facility, which has saved me a ton of money and the staff at Paws and Claws has always helped me with the pre-approvals and processing the claims. Dr Messonnier is always very accessible and calls me regularly with updates when Summer has issues. I can't thank Dr Messonnier and his staff enough for the fantastic care they have given my pet. It's not a fluke that she has lived so well for so long."

- Karen A.

"Dr Shawn and his staff are amazing. He cares for all of my pets and they are all doing great! I love that he has so many natural and herbal products that he can use on my pets. His staff is always friendly and cheerful! He is a really good veterinarian and I love that he does a titer test in place of vaccines. I would highly recommend taking your pet here."

- Carib B.

"Dr. Messonnier is wonderful. He takes care of my little chihuahua. He found her liver enzymes elevated and gave her a natural supplement for it. She is doing great! He always works with me. I love that he uses natural remedies and didn't put her on medication."

- Donna G.

'Paws and Claws Animal Hospital and Dr Messonnier cured my dogs skin problems! We had been going to a conventional vet who kept prescribing antibiotics and steroids. She would clear up for a few weeks then relapse. Frustrated, I went to Dr Messonnier for other options/opinions. He went above and beyond to find out Why her skin was not getting better. Did a biopsy that showed a staph infection. He put her on the PROPER antibiotic along with herbal supplements to build up her immune system! Long story short, my dogs skin has been perfect now for 18 months as we continue on Dr Messionniers herbal remedies! The staff is so nice and courteous and truly cares about their patients. I felt and still feel special there! You might spend a little more money initially, but he solves the problem so saving you in the end! Great vet and practice!"

- Wendy P.

"My dog has received wonderful treatment from the team at Paws & Claws. Took my dog in after she had gotten in a fight, and I was very concerned about the pricing. He came up with a solid estimate and helped us choose what was most important for her while keeping the price within my budget. Dr. Messonnier cared so much for my dog, even as a new patient!! My dog was given treatment and is feeling better by THE NEXT DAY. Highly reccommend this doctor for any pet."

- Brigette C.

"I don't understand all the negative reviews, I have been there everyone was helpful and I was given estimates as i had requested. I also elected to not go through all the phases of testing and chose which i could afford to do that was most important and beneficial for my pet. Dr. was great he checked my pet and discussed coming back after followups to begin the next phase of her care. She has growths of tumors and prone to cancer. This will be the beginning of health care for her and I also signed up for insurance, they had all the helpful brochures and documents to make my visit a pleasant experience."

- Veronica G.

Client Reviews 2

I have been going to Paws and Claws for years and Dr. Shawn has always taken great care of my pets. He always talks with me about my pets health and any concerns I may have. I would recommend Paws and Claws to anyone looking for a vet.

- Frank L.

"I first took my dog to Dr. M about 14 years ago when another vet diagnosed my dog with kidney failure and was of the opinion to put him down. I sought out Dr. M for a second opinion and he did wonders for my Bailey! He gave him another 3 years of quality living that I don't believe another vet could've done. I know take all my dogs to Dr, M, and I drive from Flower Mound to see him. He has a great bedside manor and clearly understood my dog's needs and continues to do wonders with my 4 other dogs! There are many supplements and additional tests that can given to your animal, however they are just that....supplements. I know I can decline any of those at any time. I wouldn't recommend any other vet!"

- Tracy K.

"I subscribe to the "preventive" approach and Dr. Shawn is my support on this path. I can hardly believe my pups and I have been seen by Dr. Shawn and his staff since 2002!!. Through the years we have worked as a TEAM to care for my furry and foster "children".

Dr. Shawn and his staff are committed to providing the best care for the situation at hand from dealing with chronic ear issues, peculiar lumps and bumps that need to be evaluated to the routine "tests are normal we'll see her next year". Dr. Shawn discusses with me holistic and traditional courses of treatment, and as an ENGAGED owner in the care of my pets, I ask questions, decide what is best course of treatment that (1) is in balance with the quality of life for both me and my pets, and (2) how it relates to the household budget.

If you want a PARTNER in the care of your pet, I highly recommend Dr. Shawn. Thank you Dr. Shawn for the years of collaboration. I look forward to many more."

"I highly recommend Dr Shawn Messonnier. He has worked with my animals for many years and I feel more confident with him than with any other vet. Dr. Shawn's knowledge of the science of animal care is second to none and he has an easy to work with personality that's very comforting. I've read his books and understand his highly effective approach to animal care.

He's worked with my dog who was diagnosed with an extreme bone sarcoma and he actually gave my dog five times the amount of life that normally a dog with that diagnosis would have lived through. He did that through holistic and conventional methods that were cutting edge in the medical scientific field. I followed the protocol explicitly which is highly important for successful treatment.

Its my opinion that if you want a Veterinarian that will provide your animal the highest level of care specific to their individual needs ... If you want your pet to be the happiest and healthiest they can be ... then come to Paws and Claws. I'm grateful to Dr. Shawn for his intelligent, compassionate care."

- Jeff. W.

"I have been taking my dog Kelsey to Dr. Shawn/Paws & Claws for almost 3 years now and will continue to even though we live farther away, in Euless. My dog Kelsey was diagnosed with cancer in March of 2011. She had emergency surgery at an emergency vet hospital that saved her life, but after her recovery we decided to treat her holistically so we needed to find a holistic vet. When we searched the internet, Dr. Shawn's name popped up so we went to see him to see what our options were. He said we could do chemo at another vet's office or we could do holistic or both. He didn't push us into any decision; he let US decide. We decided we would hold off on chemo as a last resort.

Forward to today, and Kelsey is going on 3 years as a cancer survivor! She did have to have one more surgery 1-1/2 years ago and it was at Paws & Claws. Dr. Shawn personally attended to Kelsey's anesthesia and made sure she kept breathing while the stomach surgeon he recommended worked on her. They did find a walnut sized tumor that they removed. It was scary because it was partially attached to her intestine so we were worried about losing her but they did a great job and she recovered!

We also do ultrasounds every 3 to 4 months and she takes a lot of holistic supplements but Dr. Shawn has even told us that if we find any supplements cheaper online then we can certainly do that. So some supplements we buy from Paws & Claws and others we get online.

Yes, some stuff has been expensive but if your dog is like your family, you treat them like your family. My husband and I are not rich. We put a lot of Kelsey's vet care on credit cards then put money back towards the cards at tax time.

We do not regret any of the money we have spent on her. She should have been gone 3 years ago but because of Dr. Shawn, Paws & Claws and our perseverance and unwillingness to give up on her, she is still with us."

- Julie B.

"When I adopted Abby almost 11 years ago, I was looking for a veterinarian who would be able to treat and look for the cause of the illness instead of just putting a band-aid on each symptom. Dr. Messonnier offers an integrative approach to caring for your pet. He will sit and discuss with you multiple options of care so that together you can form a treatment plan that is best for you and your pet. Having been on the forefront of holistic pet medicine he has a vast knowledge of natural remedies that are good for your pet and will cause no harmful side effects. To avoid the ove-vaccination of pets, checking the blood for titers is a common practice at Paws & Claws. For the first time in 10 years, Abby needed a booster. Think of all the unnecessary poisons she avoided.

Visiting the vet for us is like going to see family. Abby loves the attention and hugs she always gets. The relationship you form with your pet's veterinarian is a most important one. I have complete trust in Dr. Messonnier and know his care will always be in Abby's best interest."

- Peggy Z.

"Dr. Shawn Messonnier and his staff have been treating my 2 dachshunds for over 6 years now. I chose Paws & Claws Animal Hospital specifically for their holistic approach to veterinary care. I'm thrilled that they offer blood titers, which reduced the amount of vaccines my boys receive each year. I also appreciate the fact that I am offered both holistic and conventional therapies by Dr. Messonnier. We've dealt with issues from back injuries to allergies and have used holistic and conventional medicines to treat them. Dr. Messonnier spends a great deal of time with me on each visit making sure that I understand his treatment plan and am able to voice concerns or ask questions. His staff is always courteous and compassionate. I am a very happy customer!"

- Brighid B.

"Dr. Shawn Messonnier has been a wonderful addition to my pet's healthcare. I have two dogs, one of which suffers from allergies while the other has no current health issues, but has required his assistance with gastrointestinal upset and joint stiffness in the past. Dr. Messonnier practices holistic healthcare, a natural approach and does titer testing which is why I started taking my pets to him well over a year ago. I have been extremely happy with my results from Dr. Messonnier and his staff. I have never been required to purchase products from his office, however I have used them and they are wonderful, especially Dr. Shawn's shampoos and digestive aids. I am a very protective and a proactive parent that is a little OCD with their care yet they have treated me and my pets extremely well. Dr. Messonnier has called me several times just to check on my babies and to see if I needed anything. My allergy boy suffered years prior to going to Dr. Messonnier and now my happy and healthy boy no longer suffers needlessly with bloody feet and constant itching. I cannot give him or his staff enough praise; they go above and beyond. If you're looking for a great holistic vet I highly suggest you visit Paws & Claws!"

- Cyndi M.

Client Reviews 3"We've been taking our Jack Russell, Peanut, to Paws & Claws since she was a puppy--approximately 14 years now. My decision to seek out a holistic vet was made after experiencing the curative effects of homeopathic and natural medicines in my personal life. I reasoned that if natural medicine was good for humans, it should be beneficial for animals. I have not been disappointed. Peanut is healthy for her age, full of vim and vigor. I attribute this to the supplements Dr. Shawn has prescribed for her during the years. I realize that conventional medicine has its place when treating illnesses. That's why I like the fact that Dr. Shawn is able to draw from conventional medicine as well as natural medicine when determining how to care for pets. In addition, the staff at Paws & Claws is very friendly, caring, and attentive. Dr. Shawn is always available by phone or e-mail to discuss matters and always makes personal calls to explain what's going on with Peanut. We've been very pleased with the service we've gotten."

- Esmer W.

"The only truly holistic vet in town, Dr. Messonnier runs this small operation in Plano. With an aging and ailing cat who is a faithful patient at Rutherford Vet Hospital in Fair Park, I was looking for a holistic approach to compliment the traditional care Rutherford provides him. Dr. Messonnier's care for George (my old man kitty cat) was perfect. Knowing that I wasn't leaving Rutherford, but rather looking for an extension of care, Dr. M prescribed George supplements to help with his chronic digestive issues. We instantly saw an improvement in George's day-to-day health and happiness."

- Gina H.

"Dr. Shawn has worked with my two dogs. Each case was unique and showcased both his professionalism and his care and concern. In the first case, my cocker spaniel had a tumor on his paw. Dr. Shawn was able to get most of it removed. But it turned out to be much larger than it appeared. Rather than risk injury, Dr. Shawn referred us to a specialist, who removed the remainder. Dr. Shawn then put Rocky on a post-surgery regimen of natural treatment, rather than using the chemicals that other vets were recommending. Two years later, Rocky is doing great with no signs of any other problems. We keep him on natural supplements, and he is a happy little boy.

Our other dog, Tex, was a chihuahua mix stray that we took in when he was a puppy. He had always had a cough, but it never bothered him and he was a happy boy. 11 years later, he suddenly could not keep any food down. Dr. Shawn worked hard to help him and keep him comfortable. No one could have been more caring. We eventually discovered that it was caused from a birth defect, and that there was nothing we could do. So Tex is now in puppy heaven. But we know that we and Dr. Shawn did everything we could to give him a good life. Our dogs are our children. I trust them to Dr. Shawn. He doesn't have a big, new office. He doesn't have a giant staff. But when I go there, I also know I won't be seeing a vet I don t know. I will see Dr. Shawn. That means a lot to me."

- Sam M.

"Dr. Shawn is a miracle worker. Yes the initial visit may cost a little more, but I expect that when you see a specialist. I raise quality Maltese and as a breeder I believe it's my duty to give them the best shot at a good life. When my little Bo Diddley hurt himself at 8 weeks and was paralyzed, I was told to put him down. Instead I took him to Dr. Shawn for accupuncture. After the initial consultation, we went forward with cold laser therapy 3 time a week, at a reasonable price. He also referred me to a specialist for x-rays to determine exactly what had happened to the puppy. Turns out that he fractured the c-2 vertebra in his neck. She also said I needed to put him down, but I requested that we give him a chance to heal. We put a neck brace on him and continued with the laser treatments. I'm happy to report that Bo Diddley now lives with his forever family and 2 huge black labs, who love and adore him. He walks and runs and rules the household! I will forever be grateful to Dr. Shawn for believing my puppy could be saved.

PS-he's also great for dogs with allergies. The Pred. shots work for only so long."

- Carol W.

"Dr. Shawn has completely blown me away with his sincerity and care for my Zoe. As a 1st time Pup Mom to a now 3 month old Yorkie Terrier, I have had tons of questions and Dr. Shawn has always been quick to respond to me via email, since I haven't been able to come in the office yet. Someone so passionate and knowledgeable is rare. I'm impressed that he isn't more concerned about making money off of you rather than truly helping you the best way he can. Thanks Dr. Shawn!"

- Stephanie  J.

"I have been taking our dog, Mandi to Paws & Claws for a couple years now.  Dr. Shawn always takes the time to explain what is going on with her (she is 14 years old now) and as is common with age many things develop over time.  He AND his staff have taken excellent care of Mandi.  Recently, when she was not eating, he ran the tests and used the holistic minimalist approach regarding what drugs he prescribed. Since I am on a fixed budget, I told him I needed some alternatives and he provided them by working within my budget for many of the tests needed.  Financing was also provided as an option.  I like his approach and personal attention he gives Mandi and we will continue to see him for what ails Mandi."

- Fran L.

"I took my dog Oliver last week for help with his constant itching and irritated skin. Dr. Messonnier was even better the second time around. He took time to talk with me and examine Oliver, even though I knew he had other appointments waiting. He prescribed both a holistic supplement and traditional steroids for Oli. No more constant itching! Dr. Messonnier also worked well within my budget once I told him I had to take a very conservative financial approach to Oli's problem. Great experience!"

- Stephanie H.

"Wonderful caring doctor.  Went thru 4 vets before I found him and my dogs have been seeing him for 7 years now.  One of my dogs had been dealing with cancer and Dr. Shawn and his entire staff have been wonderful.  He even gave me his cell and house number to call on the weekends if there were problems. I love his staff and they are very nice."

- Linda T.

Client Reviews 4"Dr. Shawn is awesome! ! I got my 2 dogs right before the pet food scare where pets where dying from dry dog food. I then started researching the benefits of raw and reading a lot more about how to care for my dog in the best way possible.  I ordered many books about holistic ways for dogs and didn't even realize I had one of Dr. Shawn's books!  I moved back to Texas where I have always lived with other dogs and went to many different vets for my dogs I had prior to my 2 new ones.

I was very blessed to have found Dr. Shawn.  He focuses on preventative care for your dogs and he is always continuing his education on medicine and holistic therapies. I am a pain in the butt client who is OCD with my dogs and Dr. Shawn is ALWAYS willing to call me up and talk to me about things.  If you care about your pets, do the research and take your pet to Dr. Shawn to give your pet the best care possible that HE knows how to do."

- Christine K.

"Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, Dr. Shawn Messonnier has been our pet's vet for years. He is honest, compassionate and a true professional. His office staff is caring friendly and helpful. Dr. Messonnier has always treated our pets as if they were his own. Thank you Dr. Shawn and your staff for the care you have always given our pets."

- Sherri M.

"Dr. Shawn Messonnier has been a wonderful addition to my pet's healthcare.  I have two dogs, one of which suffers from allergies while the other has no current health issues, but has required his assistance with gastrointestinal upset and joint stiffness in the past.  Dr Messonnier practices holistic healthcare a natural approach and does titer testing which is why I started taking my pets to him well over a year ago.  I have been extremely happy with my results from Dr. Messonnier and his staff.  I have never been required to purchase products from his office, however I have used them and they are wonderful, especially Dr. Shawn's shampoos and digestive aids!!  I am a very protective and a proactive parent that is a little OCD with their care yet they have treated me and my pets extremely well.  Dr Messonnier has called me several times just to check on my babies and to see if I needed anything.  My allergy boy suffered years prior to going to Dr. Messonnier and now my happy and healthy boy no longer suffers needlessly with bloody feet and constant itching.  If you're looking for a great holistic vet I highly suggest you visit Paws and Claws!

- Cyndi C.

"Dr. Shawn was a big help for my dog Rita.  Due to her breed (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) I expected she would have heart problems later in life.  At 8 years of age, Dr. Shawn diagnosed her with heart disease and treated her without drugs, using only supplements until 10 years of age.  At this point her heart disease became heart failure, and a few medications (at low dose due to her continuing her supplements) kept her alive for 2 more years (unusual for a Cav to live 4 years following diagnosis of heart disease!) I was very pleased with her care, especially since we didn't need to give her drugs for her until her disease had advanced.  I also liked the fact that we didn't give her vaccines for most of her life since they were not needed.  The cost of her care was reasonable and I always knew what to expect regarding her care and what it would cost.  I especially like the fact that I always had the final say after Dr. Shawn explained my options.  I would recommend Dr. Shawn and his staff to anyone looking for a more natural approach to pet care, especially if you want to be a partner in your pet's care!"

- Sandra H.

"Dr. Messonnier is the best! I have two precious rescue pups. He has helped them with everything from tape worms to allergies. By-the-way his shampoos are great!"

- Gayle P.

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