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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Case Studies

I love treating pets with IBD. They respond so well to natural medicines and rarely required long-term therapy with immunosuppressive drugs like prednisone.

One of my most challenging IBD cases involved Rosie, an 8 year old female miniature schnauzer. When I first saw Rosie, she was literally waiting to die. Her owners informed me that she had been diagnosed and treated for IBD for the past 2 years but now was dying from the disease with no hope of recovery (according to both her veterinarian and the specialist who had treated her previously.) They also told me they had scheduled Rosie for euthanasia 24 hours later with their veterinarian but wanted me to try to help her. Talk about pressure!
Rosie was not in good shape and I could see why they thought euthanasia might be the humane choice for her. However, I told them if they could give me 24 hours and allow me to treat her aggressively I would do my best for her. Since recent blood and urine testing did not reveal any specific organ abnormalities I did not need to offer any additional support other than for her GI tract.

I instituted aggressive detoxification of her entire body using herbs and homeopathics. I prescribed high doses of enzymes (Dr. Shawn's Enzymes and Probiotics) and herbal GI support (Dr. Shawn's Advanced GI Formula.) Low dose omega 3's were added as well for their anti-inflammatory activity (the dose was later increased as Rosie improved.) I also administered GI clay to Rosie to adsorb any GI toxins, and put her on a safe dose of prednisone (to quickly reduce her inflammatory response to her GI system) and metronidazole (to kill the bad bacteria in her GI tract that was further damaging her cells.) Specific homeopathic mixtures I have created were also used to improve nutrient utilization, cell functioning, general healing of exhausted cellular systems, and increase her ability to heal and generally "feel better."

When I checked on Rosie 24 hours later she was much better and the owners decided against euthanasia! Fortunately Rosie continued to improve and we were able to wean her to a very low, non-toxic dose of prednisone. She was maintained on her natural medicines to keep her in remission. She lived several more years before dying of an unrelated disease.

Like Rosie most pets with IBD do not require chronic treatment with prednisone but do well when treated with the appropriate combination of herbs, nutritional supplements, and homeopathic medicines.



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