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Here at Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center we offer conventional veterinary medicine and alternative therapies in a balanced whole health approach to your pet's healthcare. Our goal is to support your pet's vital energy for good health and self-healing.

We use diet, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, stem cells, and other modalities with traditional diagnostics, along with a caring, compassionate staff to optimize your pet's health. We recognize that your pet is an important member of your family. From well visits to chronic disease, we offer medicine that respects the integrity of your pet's mind, body, and spirit.

As a team we can look at all options (both conventional and alternative) so that the animal's body can get stronger and stronger.

Sometimes we need to be realistic and see that the animal's body may not be able to heal itself. We can still try to improve your pet's health and make the pet's life as positive and comfortable as possible.


A Word About "Holistic Veterinarians"

Many of our new patients (yes, we are taking new patients and LOVE to help all of you who are wanting to improve your pet's care using natural therapies and functional medicine) have told us they have tried other doctors in our area who advertise as "holistic veterinarians," only to be disappointed when they realize the doctor is not at all holistic. These other doctors still push unnecessary vaccines and drugs, as well as selling the popular pet foods that are full of by-products and chemicals.

Unfortunately, any doctor can advertise as "holistic" as there is no legal definition of "holistic." While it's not illegal to advertise as holistic even if you're not holistic, it's certainly unethical as it misleads the public.

We are truly holistic, not just because we offer a few supplements or vitamins. Our entire approach focuses on using natural therapies as much as possible to prevent and treat all medical disorders. When we need to do so, we will use conventional medications on a very limited basis until the pet is feeling better and then continue to rely on natural therapies for long term health.

This truly holistic approach allows most of our patients to live several years longer than expected, and we have many satisfied clients and patients who appreciate our approach!


Our Mission and Goals:

To have a pleasant, positive and comfortable place for animals and their caretakers to explore all aspects of good health and preventative medicine.

To encourage both client and pet to seek out alternative and integrative ways to prevent disease.

To try to make this type of medicine the vision of all medicine.

To present as many possibilities to a pet caretaker to help bring their pets body into balance so it can actually try to heal.

IF...you are ready to say no to unnecessary use of medications, chemicals, and vaccines, and ready to say yes to improving the health of your pet, we invite you to call us and become a member of our family!


I'm often asked..."Dr. Shawn, what is your specialty? What makes your hospital different?"

Legally I can't call my self a specialist (even though my clients and many of my colleagues consider what I do a specialty) since there is no board-certification program for holistic, naturopathic, and functional medicine.

However, I can answer that question. Our "specialty" involves 2 things:

First, we are the only hospital in North Texas offering Functional Medicine for all pets (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and small mammals.) Functional medicine focuses on the function of the patient's cells, using an individualized approach to promote health and return sick patients to healthy as quickly as possible. The practices of functional medicine are useful both for healthy patients (to improve their health) as well as for those suffering from illness, especially chronic illness, to return them to health.

Functional medicine uses diet, supplements, herbs, and homeopathics to improve the health of cells in order to facilitate healing. By reviewing a history of the pet's lifestyle, prior diseases, and diet, we carefully fine-tune our recommendations rather than recommending the same health plan or treatment regimen for every patient.

Second, we offer help when other doctors can no longer help your pet. While we prefer to see pets when they are healthy (and keep them that way,) or see your pet at the beginning stages of illness, we know that not everyone finds up at these stages. Many of our patients are considered "hopeless" by conventional doctors, who often refer these pets to us for a "last hope at treatment."

While we can never make guarantees, we have helped (and yes, even cured and saved) many of these "hopeless" cases. We have many success stories of pets for whom conventional medicine offered no help, but by offering integrative care these pets lived many months or even years beyond their expected prognosis. We love helping these pets, knowing that many patients are saved when we work with them to effect a successful treatment or cure.

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